Senior Section


1ST   R. Wilks & P. Crook   51pts   £300 voucher

2nd  G. Young & I. Griffiths  50pts   £150 voucher

 3rd   M. Varnom & J. Downs 49pts  £100 voucher

 4th  D. Barron & G. Davison  48pts  £60 voucher

5th R. Sanderson & A. Mason 46pts c/b £40voucher 

Longest Drive 0-10 E. Johnson  4 ball voucher Blyth

Longest Drive 10 + D. Scott      4 ball voucher Arcot

Nearest pin 12th P. Holloway  1 dozen golf balls

Nearest pin 17th A. Thompson  1 dozen golf balls

Nearest White Line  R. White  2 golf shirts

Over 70s Prize J. Stidolph & J. Brown £50 voucher **please note only 1 prize per pairs G. Young & I. Griffiths over 70s awarded 2 place as prize greater than over 70s 


Anyone wishing to reserve a Tee Time for casual/general play must use their own Unique ID. If you do not have this go to the Clubs Website and from the menu select Tee Booking Mon to Fri. At this stage follow the instructions to register for your unique ID. upon completion you will receive an Email a while later giving you the necessary details which will allow you to book tee times online. You will be able to book a time upto two weeks ahead of any visitor

Draw for Seniors weekly comp’s played each Thursday are usually made Tuesday morning around 9:30 am (Early or Late start times available on request). Mark E or L against your name on the entry sheet. Anyone wishing to enter after the draw has been made will be entered to next available start time.

Thursday 19th  July 2018

 Captains Putter


9:30 –  R. Fletcher; R. Freeman; A. Nixon

9:36 –   B. Toward; J. Fletcher; S. Alldridge

9:42 –  P Holloway ; D. Bushby; D. Gair

9.48 –  T. Lemin; P. Sainthouse;G. Johnstone      

9-54 – T. Pattison; J. Little; C. Charlton 

10:00 – K. Vout; D. Evans; R. Taylor

10:06 – J. Downs; M. Varnom; B. Morrison

10:12 – J. Stidolph; P. Hopson; G. Lillico 

10:18 – B. Baker; R. Hunt; O. Evans  

10:24 – A. Morton; C. Morton; C. Irwin  

10:30 – A. Swan; W. Robson; R. Wilks

10:36 – T. Duffell; B. Young; D. Turner

10:42 – R. Holt; P. Makarski; M. Bowman  

10:48 – B. Elliott; J. Brown; F. Fletcher 

10:54 – G. McGee; J. Cowings; W. Markwell

11:00 – L. Duddridge; N. Mordue;E. Bell; 

11:06 – T. Hamlinton; P. Jordan; M. Graham

11:12 – 

11:18 – 

For alterations, ring       Brian Elliott 01670 819151