Senior Section

     Draw for Seniors weekly comp’s played each Thursday are usually made Tuesday morning around 9:00 – 9:30 am (Early or Late start times available on request). Mark E or L against your name on the entry sheet. Anyone wishing to enter after the draw has been made will be entered to next available start time PLAYERS MUST BE FULLY PAID MEMBERS OF SENIORS ANY MEMBER NOT A PAID UP MEMBER WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN ANY SWEEP MONEY.

18th July Thursday  2019

Captains Putter


9:30 –  D. Evans; R. Fletcher ; J. Foster 

9.36 –  W. Curry; A. Robinson; J. Fletcher 

9:42 –  P. Crook; T. Pattison; J. Oliphant

9:48 –  R. Freeman; J. Stidolph; J. Birchnall

9:54 –  A. Morton; R. Shute; P. Jordan

10:00 – F. Fletcher; D. Bushby; B. Elliott 

10:06 – J. Cowings; O. Evans; R. Wilks

10:12 – J. Freeman; B. Baker; C. Irwin 

10:18 –  R. Frizelle; D. Foster; B. Morrison 

10:24 –                     J. Little; P. Makarski   

10:30 –  G. McGee; R. Hunt; R. Taylor

10:36-  J. Brown; P. Holloway; W. Robson

10:42-  C. Morton; T. Duffell; S. Swan

10:48-  I. Ferguson; K. Vout; J. Smith 

10:54 – E. Bell; R. Matthews; D. Gair

11:00 – T. Hamilton; M. Bowman; W. Markwell


11:12 – 





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